Co2 Laser Machine – model p1690

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    Co2 Laser Machine – model p1690

    This laser device is prepared and produced by IRANPADRA co (PARTO POOYESH PADRA) It is safe to say that best quality، The most durable and The most durable Parts in the industry Laser Selected and used. Using this device you can easily and Carry out the engraving and cutting operation on all kinds of materials with ease.

    The thickness of the body of the machine is 3 miles of iron, which increases the weight of the machine so that it does not vibrate during engraving and cutting, which has increased the total weight of this machine to 370 kg. Also, the dimensions of the device are 201 cm in length, 146 cm in width and 107 cm in height, which easily passes through the doors when moving.

    دستگاه لیزر co2 برش و حکاکی

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    1. علی

      خیلی عالی و کاربردی بود ممنون از مهندسین شرکت

    2. تابلو مظفری

      ممنون بابت دستگاه عالیتون خیلی خوب کارمو راه انداخته

    3. alireza

      size 130*90 tolid nadarid???

      • admin

        با مسئول فروش تماس بگیرید راهنمایی میکنن. 09352202802

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