FAQ about Co2 Laser Tube Charging

Do you also buy used laser tubes?

If it is rechargeable and safe, yes, we will buy it.

If we send a laser tube, is it possible to break it?

There is a risk of breaking the tube, but most of the laser tubes that are sent to Iran Padra Company from distant places are done by bus and plane, which are placed inside the cabin.

FAQ about laser devices and parts

What is the focus point?

The area where the laser beam is focused and converges to the smallest laser beam is called the focus point.

What is the meaning of focal length?

The distance between the lens and the point where the laser beam has the smallest beam (focus point) is called the focal length.

What are the types of CO2 laser lenses?

One of the most widely used lenses in laser devices is the 1.5 – 2 – 2.5 – 3.2 inch lens.

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