Step motor driver Leadshine

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    Step motor driver Leadshine 3DM580

    Possibilities Leadshine 3DM580

    • The engine noise is very low.
    • Anti-Resonance capability provides optimal torque and neutralizes mid-range instability.
    • Self-test and automatic configuration technology provide optimal answers with different engines.
    • Microstep precision programmability
    • Power supply voltage up to +50 VAC
    • Programmable output, from 1.0 amps to 8.0 amps
    • Pulse input frequency up to 500 kHz
    • Automatic reduction of current
    • Supports PUL / DIR and CW / CCW modes.
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    Specifications of stepper motor driver Leadshine 3DM580

    3DM580 Parameters
    unit max normal mode min
    A 8.0 1.0 Output Current
    VDC +50 36 +18 Voltage
    mA 16 10 7 Logical signal flow
    kHz 500 0 Pulse input frequency
    100 Insulation resistance
    NEMA 23, 34 Suitable for stepper motors

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    Mechanical specifications of stepper motor driver

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    Structure of stepper motor driver circuit Leadshine3DM580

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    details 3DM580

    P1 Function

    Pulse signal: In single pulse (pulse/direction) mode, this input represents pulse signal, each rising or falling edge active (software configurable);4-5V when PUL-HIGH, 0-0.5V when PUL-LOW. In double pulse mode (pulse/pulse) , this input represents clockwise (CW) pulse,active both at high level and low level (software configurable). For reliable response, pulse width should be longer than 2.5 us. Series connect resistors for current-limiting when +12V or +24V used. The same as DIR and ENA signals. PUL+
    DIR signal: In single-pulse mode, this signal has low/high voltage levels, representing two directions of motor rotation; in double-pulse mode (software configurable), this signal is counter-clock (CCW) pulse,active both at high level and low level (software configurable). For reliable motion response, DIR signal should be ahead of PUL signal by 5 us at least. 4-5V when DIR-HIGH, 0-0.5V when DIR-LOW. Please note that rotation direction is also related to motor-driver wiring match. Exchanging the connection of two wires for a coil to the driver will reverse motion direction. DIR+
    Enable signal: This signal is used for enabling/disabling the driver. High level (NPN control signal, PNP and Differential control signals are on the contrary, namely Low level for enabling.) for enabling the driver and low level for disabling the driver. Usually left UNCONNECTED (ENABLED). ENA+

    P2 Function

    3DM580 Details


    Power Ground


    Power supply, 18~50 VDC, Including voltage fluctuation and EMF voltage.


    Motor phase U


    Motor phase V


    Motor phase W

    جریان خروجی

    از 1 تا 8 آمپر

    ولتاژ منبع تغذیه

    18 تا 50 ولت
    در حالت معمول 36 ولت

    پالس فرکانس ورودی

    0 تا 500 کیلوهرتز

    مقاومت عایق

    100 مگا اهم


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