liner mechanical rails

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liner mechanical rails


liner mechanical rails

single head / duble Head

ست مکانیکی خطی تک و دو هد
liner mechanical rails



High accuracy for long term work
Low friction resistance
High body stiffness with four-way load design
Suitable for high speed work
Easy installation with interchangeability


Product dimensions

ابعاد ست مکانیکی خطی تک و دو هد
Dimensions of single and double linear mechanical set


انواع ست مکانیکی خطی تک و دو هد
Types of single and double linear mechanical sets


■ In general, the length of the X-axis is longer than the Y-axis. If you need a longer Y axis than an X axis, you can place your order by phone.

Linear mechanical set structure

جزییات مدل تک و دو هد


Introduction of parts
Single and double head models

معرفی قسمت های ست مکانیکی خطی
Introduction of parts


No The name of the piece unit Number (in single head model) Number (in two-head model)
1 The first mirror base Pcs 1 2
2 Laser tube holder (50-80 mm) Pcs 2 4
3 Transmission Shaft set Set 1 1
4 coupling  12mm Pcs 2 2
5 motor base Y Set 1 1
6 the second mirror mount Pcs 1 2
7 synchronous wheel base Pcs 2 2
8 Linear guide rail for the X-axis Pcs 1 1
9 Linear guide rail for the Y-axis Pcs 2 2
10 Laser head set Set 1 2
11 Sliding blocks Pcs 3 4
12 teeth Gear (6.35 / 8/12 mm) Pcs 2 2
13 motor base X Pcs 1 1



Dimensions of this product can be ordered to your liking.

The holding range of the laser tube is 50/80 mm.

Step motors have the ability to exit.

The focus size of the laser head is 50.8 / 63.5 / 101.6 mm.


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