Laser device powersupply

Introducing different types of laser device powersupply

To select the types of laser device power, we must pay attention to various parameters, which we will introduce in the following and select it.

Types of laser device power models

Power 80 watt laser cutting machine

80 watt power supply laser machine

This power model is suitable for use in 60 * 90 laser cutting machine with 80 watt tube and also can be installed for tubes with less power such as 60 watts and can be repaired in case of core failure.

Other features include the following:

  1. Can be used in tubes with lower powers such as 40 to 60 watts
  2. Compatible with different tubes

An 80 watt power supply is usually used for very fine engraving, and if the tube is 100 watts and your power supply is 80 watts, your output beam is 80 watts.

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Power supply 100 watt laser cutting machine

100 watt power supply laser machine

This model is the most used “high voltage” power supply that can be installed on 130 x 90 devices with a 100 watt tube.

This model is a 100 watt power supply equipped with an adjusting screw for calibration, a voltage of about 30 kV and an amp of about 30 mA.
The 100 watt power supply, known as the DY13 power supply, has a rectifier model FH456, which delivers a highly filtered voltage to the head of the laser tube.
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Power supply 120 watt laser cutting machine

120 watt power supply laser machine

Power supply of 120 watt laser device Model H (also known as Heinz power supplies in the market), models in the range of 100-80 or 120-100 have the most utilization and more dimensions and weight than DY10 or DY13 models. The components of these power supplies are of acceptable quality as well as long-term usability, which ensures that the laser tube is not damaged and provides optimal performance for the operator.

Important Note: To maintain the life of the tube and the power supply, for normal tubes from the normal power supply And use clay powers for clay tubes.

Power supply 130 watts laser cutting machine

130 watt power supply laser machine

  • Can be installed on large devices with 130 or 150 watt laser tubes
  • It has 3 transformers in order to achieve the desired power
  • With pwm board
  • Suitable for dual-purpose metal and non-metal laser cutting machine