Calculate the power of the laser tube

How to calculate laser power

Approximate calculation of laser power

Laser power calculation

In this article from Iran Padra, we briefly discuss how to calculate the approximate laser power.

For this calculation, things like:

Type of cooling system
Type of lysine substance
The length of the laser cavity
Different methods of tailing

It should be noted because each of these items affects the output. There are various methods to calculate the output power of the laser, which mostly contain complex formulas and require accurate information about different parts of the device, but we offer a simple way to get the approximate power of the laser for you here, which is hopeful. be useful for you.

Calculation of output power:

تاباندن لیزر برروی آب
تاباندن لیزر برروی آب

irradiating a laser beam to a liquid with a certain heat capacity (water is one of the most suitable liquids)
Measurement of temperature changes during the duration of radiation

By calculating the thermal energy, the output power of the laser can be obtained from the famous relationship p=w/t.

Water is one of the most suitable liquids that can be used, and the reason is that its heat capacity is known and easily available, but to calculate the exact power, we must also consider the reflection coefficient of the water surface during the calculations. that some of the rays radiated to the surface of the water are reflected by the surface.

Using liquids with a lower reflection coefficient makes calculations more accurate.

This method may seem simple, but the result is very close to the results obtained using modern systems.