Applications of laser device

Uses of Laser device

intro Uses of laser device


In this article from Iran Padra, we discuss the performance and function of laser devices in various industries, including panel making, which finds new applications every day. These new developments and functions have been able to help employment in our country.
To use a laser device, the operator of the device must have learned to work with computers (graduates and graduates of graphic and industrial design disciplines have sufficient mastery and can easily work with these devices) to be able to implement various designs. . Various software in the field of laser engraving and cutting, such as: COREL DRAW, ADOBE AUTOCAD for one-dimensional designs and CATIA, etc. for 3D designs that after the design It is prepared by direct cable, flash disk or wirelessly from a computer (desktop or laptop) to a laser machine, then cutting or engraving is done with high precision.
In general, most panels are made with the help of a laser device. There are also other uses for it, examples of which are given below:
  1. Wooden artifacts
  2. Making statues and plaques
  3. Replica production
  4. Exhibition structures
  5. Small and large replicas
  6. Interior decoration
Example of making a memorial statue
Example of making a memorial statue
Sample design on wood
Sample design on wood

Equipping these jobs with advanced laser cutting and engraving technology in the world will also pave the way for exports and will lead to more and better employment in the country.
Iran Padra Company, by selling and charging Co2 laser tubes, devices and laser parts, has been able to create employment for its share and help the laser cutting and engraving indصustry in reducing laser costs and providing the main parts.