Laser air pump

What is an air pump?

What is an air pump lasrt device?

The air pump is one of the parts of the laser device that in addition to the laser cutting device has other applications. In this article, the features and applications of the air pump are discussed so that you can get more information about this part of the laser device by studying it.
Applications of this air pump, also known as oil-free piston air pump, include use in food trucks, terrariums, restaurants, booths, swimming pools, medical equipment, and the design and production of advertising lamps.

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Laser air pump applications:

  1. Water treatment ponds
  2. Air source for the aquarium
  3. Printer
  4. transferring water
  5. Cleaning spare parts
  6. Air bed
  7. Medical Equipment

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How the air pump works

When the electromagnetic coil is amplified by AC power, it produces magnetic pressure; Under the influence of this magnetic pressure, the piston moves reciprocally, so that the volume of the cylinder changes and as a result the valves open and close automatically.

How does an air pump work?


  1. Connect the air outlet adapter to the distribution unit; For water treatment basins, the outlet adapter can be connected to the distribution pipe, each unit can supply 6 to 12 air pipes.
  2. If the air outlet is reduced or there is no outlet at all, check the connection of different parts for leaks or unplug the pump.
  3. If the air pump does not work after it is connected to the power supply, in most cases the connection point of the diode is likely to be broken or there is a clear change in the distance between the motor piston and the sheath during transmission; In order for the air pump to continue to work, you have to reassemble all the parts.
  4. When connecting, adjust the hose length between the compressor air adapter outlet and the exhaust air to make sure the hose is not damaged or blocked.
    When the work environment is not close to the power supply, use an extra cable with a narrow thickness and unlimited capacity.
  5. The extra cable should be as short as possible.
  6. Check all screws regularly to make sure they are secure; If the screw is loose, be sure to tighten it.

Observe the following for more security when working with the laser device


  1. Make sure that the power supply matches the electrical power written on the product and use the standard amp output.
  2. This product is used to prevent and protect against electric shocks.
  3. Be careful not to carry the device with the power cord and do not place heavy objects on it; Do not use the appliance if the power supply or cable is damaged.
  4. Place the pump on a clean surface to prevent contamination of the laser lens and accessories.
  5. To make sure the air is clean, clean the laser filter once every two months.
  6. If the device’s sound is difficult to hear during operation or if something unusual happens, disconnect the device’s power cord immediately and contact after-sales service.

Follow the tips below to maintain the air pump


  • The device is designed so that it does not require oil; Do not pour oil in it.
  • Do not use solvents at all to clean plastic parts.
  • Avoid placing the pump in a hot, humid, dusty place.
  • If you do not use the pump for a long time, disconnect the power cord.
  • Place the air pump horizontally on the ground and avoid direct contact with objects.
  • Unplug the power cord before each service and repair; Clean the appliance with a damp cloth soaked in soap.
  • Do not repair the laser cutting pump and let the relevant experts inspect and repair it.