Learn more about Laser Tube Charging Services and Iran Padra Laser Repair

We perform all laser-related services, including: laser tube charging, laser powersupply repair, laser device motherboard repair, as well as laser device chiller repair with a high quality expert team.

Our Service

Co2 laser tube charging service (medical, industrial, laboratory) in different capacities, the shortest possible time and the highest quality with a valid 2-month warranty

Power supply repair of all types of Co2 laser devices by the experienced team of Iran Padra

Repairing all types of motherboards with original parts and in a completely professional way in the shortest time by our partners

Repair of chillers of laser devices professionally in Iran Padra Company

Complementary services

Fast delivery

After repairing the parts, we will deliver them to you in the shortest time, to the inside of Tehran through internet taxis and cities and other countries by land and air.


After performing the desired services for the product, that product has been tested several times by our partners so that you do not have any problems during delivery and when using it.

Impact resistant packaging

Due to the delicacy of the products, we send them all in strong and durable packaging for customers so that the product does not break while moving.

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