RECI Power Supply DY-20

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    130 watt RECI laser power supply model dy20 Iran Padra is very suitable for all types of laser tubes from 120 power up. On this page, you will be informed about the operation, price, sale and purchase of this 130 watt product.

    Internal system of 130 watt laser power

    In general, 130 watt power is suitable for 130 watt laser tube and 150 watt laser tube is suitable because inside it, unlike laser power 100 and power laser 120, consists of 3 laser power transformers. Also, the power control system of the “laser device” is such that it gives the required amount of output tube.

    Can a 130 watt clay power supply be connected to a 100 or 120 tube?

    We can say with complete clarity that this operation is not possible. Because the amount of output is so high that if we create such a combination of w2 and w4 laser tubes with dy20 clay power supply, it will soon cause the tube to drain gas.
    It is true that in the above section we said that power dy20 has the ability to control the amount of power output, but this output control reaches 30%. That is, it has about 30% of the output control capability.

    Does the RECI laser tube or power supply damage the lens and mirror?

    This is a question for many who work in the laser industry. In general, the lens of a laser device, whether it is a 2-inch laser lens or a 2.5-inch laser lens, is capable of transmitting and tolerating laser radiation up to 180 watts. This is also true of the laser device.

    Buy, price and sell RECI model DY-20

    Contact us to inquire about the price, sale and purchase of RECI model DY-20 due to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.


    21.9 × 31.4 x 1.8 cm


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