SPT power supply

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SPT power supply for laser devices

SPT Power Supply High frequency laser devices are developed by SPT, a reputable manufacturer of laser power supplies. This product has small dimensions, light weight, easy operation and high coordination with CO2 laser tube. This product allows CO2 laser tubes to have fast start-up and high response frequency.

With open circuit protection function, it can prevent damage to the laser power supply due to no-load conditions and also improve the working life and useful life of the laser power supply.

This product is offered in 60 watt, 80 watt, 100 watt, 130 watt, 150 watt models.

منبع تغذیه دستگاه لیزر SPT
منبع تغذیه SPT دستگاه های لیزر


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مدل SPT-60W SPT-80W SPT-100W SPT-130W SPT-150W
Input voltage AC220V/110V AC220/110V AC220/110V AC 220/110V AC 220/110V
Response speed ≤1mS ≤1mS ≤1mS ≤1mS ≤1mS
Max output current 25mA 30mA 35mA 38mA 38mA
Starter voltage 30KV 35KV 40KV 40KV 43KV
Nominal power 400W 500W 600W 625W 625W
Output voltage 30KV 45KV 50KV 40KV 50KV
Working voltage 16KV 18KV 28KV 30KV 30KV
Output current 6–24mA 7–30mA 9-35mA 8-36mA 38mA
Using condition Temperature -10~40 ℃ -10~40 ℃ -10~40 ℃ -10~40 ℃ -10~40 ℃
Humidity ≤85% ≤85% ≤85% ≤85% ≤85%

Factory aging test:


Each laser power supply undergoes ageing test at 60℃ for 12 hours at full load, and 7 seconds power-on and power-off tests for 500 times.

SPT laser power supply advantages:

The power supply reaches high efficiency and fast response with its zero current half bridge soft switching circuit, and is easy to cooperate with the co2 laser tube. Terminal control is simple and adapted to high and low level signals. TTL level can be used to control the start and stop of lasers. At the same time, an abnormal protection switch was added to detect whether the external water is ventilated or not.

Both analog signals of 0 to 5V and PWM signals are ok to control and regulate the laser’s power.

Power supply open circuit protection functions:

With good grounding protection, the power supply can work in an open-circuit state for a short time, which can avoid the damage of the laser power supply caused by the bursting of the laser tube.



Additional information


Laser Co2 tube


From 30 to 150 watts

Operating time

More than 30,000 hours

Type of cooling


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