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A laser cutting machine is an industrial machine that can pose a variety of hazards to you when working with it. In this article from Iran Padra, we explain to you, dear readers, a few tips for working with a laser cutting machine, so that by observing the points described below, you can protect yourself from the possible dangers of the laser machine, and you can also save the repair and maintenance costs of the laser cutting machine. Reduce and add to its longevity and proper function.

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  1. Always try to use a power shield for the laser device so that your device is not damaged when power fluctuations occur (due to a power outage).
  2. Prevent ambient dust from settling on the device to extend the life of the laser mirror and laser lens, and always keep it clean. Our recommendation is to check the mirrors every week. Keeping the lens clean depends on the function. It is very important that the compressor air ducts are clean and that there is no oil in them.
  3. To adjust the laser mirror and the lens of the laser cutting machine, one must have relevant and technical expertise; Therefore, do not put your hand in the direction of the laser beam in any way, because if there is a wrong adjustment in the reflection of the mirror, it may cause a dangerous accident or injury.
  4. If you do not keep the outer surface and glass of the laser tube clean, the output power will be reduced and part of the laser beam will be deflected.
  5. To clean the Co2 laser tube, use only air and do not touch any cleaners, even napkins.
  6. Laser radiation is very dangerous and harmful to the eyes. You should always keep in mind that you should not look directly at the rays separately. If the laser beam is visible (dazzling white light when the laser is working), it is strongly recommended that you wear laser glasses.
  7. Avoid placing the laser cutting machine in areas of your workshop or factory where flammable materials are present or may explode.
  8. When an error occurs, press the red step key on it. This key is available on standard design devices.
  9. Do not install your laser device in damp places as much as possible.
  10. If your laser device does not have a life-saving switch, install it.
  11. Always keep the surface of your laser device clean to extend the life of your device.
  12. When you do not have the necessary technical information in the software settings, do not enter the mainboard settings of the laser device at all.
  13. The laser tube maintains some voltage in the capacitive state after several hours of operation; So never touch it without draining.
  14. Check the water level and temperature frequently and make sure that the device’s water pressure sensor is intact so that the laser tube does not break in the event of an error.
  15. Place the laser cutting and engraving machine out of the reach of children.
  16. The cover of the laser device should be closed during operation to avoid possible dangers.
  17. If the laser device breaks or connects, unplug it immediately so that it does not damage you and your device does not break down further.
  18. Since high voltage is used to turn on the laser tube, be sure to connect the device to the ground rod.
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