Co2 laser tube installation tutorial

This is a complete tutorial on how to install a Co2 laser tube on a laser device from Iran Padra Company (Padra Pooyesh Beam) to help you do this more easily.

Important points before installing the laser tube

Tips before installing the laser tube
Tips before installing the laser tube

For before and during installation, you should pay attention to the points that are observed in improving performance and .. It has a great effect.

Tip one

When installing the laser tube, pay attention to the fact that the seal on the tube head must be removed.

Tip two

Use the wires provided inside the package to connect the HV wire (laser power supply) to the tube, and avoid attaching the wires directly to the separate two-ended pages of the tube so as not to damage your device’s HV.

Tip three

When closing the tube to its place inside the device, be sure to use the sponge in the product packaging or similar spongesaround the tube and between the glass and the base.

The important point in this issue is the absence of pressure on the tube glass after installation, so tighten the tube in place so that in addition to strength and no vibration, the laser tube is not pressed and between the sponges without any problems Stay. Of course, there are some small cloud or sponge holders inside for proper maintenance that no longer need a sponge or something like that. You can get such holders from Iran Padra.

tip four

One of the important points in the installation is the direction of water inlet and outlet and it will be very effective during the life of your laser tube, so always install the inlet and outlet water hoses according to the instructions.

tip five

Pay attention to the installation path because the water inlet must be downwards and the water outlet of thelaser tube must be upwards, this is very important to remove air bubbles when the tube is dewatered.

Laser tube structure
Laser tube structure

Laser tube installation tutorial

Installing Co2 laser tube
Installing Co2 laser tube

At the beginning of the installation, you must installthe laser tube at an angle so that water bubbles can come out of the tube and not get trapped inside the tube. This angle should be about half a fingertip from the beginning to the end and the laser output upwards. Note that the presence of bubbles inside the laser tube duct due to the creation of a center of thermal accumulation will cause the glass to break and crack at that point.

wire HV(laser power supply) wires according to the installation instructions of each tube model, Install the thick red HV wire to the end of the tube and the thin black wire to the laser light output. Note that starting the device without proper connection of these wires will damage the HV and electronic components of the device.

For most of these parts, after installation, the wires should be placed on the red wire and the end of the tube, the plastic cover in the package to prevent electrical leakage to the body of the device and possible damage, but Co2 laser tube produced in Iran Padra Named PERSI, it has this durable plastic cover.

<span style="color: #000000;">Attention : HV stands for voltage or laser power.</span>


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