Co2 laser device – Model P1410

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    intro Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine – Model P1410

    Laser engraving and cutting machine
    Laser engraving and cutting machine

    This laser device is prepared and produced by IRANPADRA co (PARTO POOYESH PADRA) It is safe to say that best quality، The most durable and The most durable Parts in the industry Laser Selected and used. Using this device you can easily and Carry out the engraving and cutting operation on all kinds of materials with ease.

    The thickness of the body of the machine is 3 miles of iron, which increases the weight of the machine so that it does not vibrate during engraving and cutting, which has increased the total weight of this machine to 370 kg. Also, the dimensions of the device are 201 cm in length, 146 cm in width and 107 cm in height, which easily passes through the doors when moving.

    Specifications of Co2 laser Machine

    Dimensions work area Co2 laser machine

    In the first place, which is most considered in this laser cutting machine, was the dimensions of its work table. The working table of P1410 laser machine has dimensions of 140 cm in length and 90 cm in width, which can increase the size up to 148 cm in length. The desk can also be used in two models,(Knife) and (Honeycomb).

    Mechanical set

    Laser engraving axis and roller rails (Mechanical set (internal type) Inner Slide Guide Rails), the axis of which is a steel surface with abrasion and corrosion resistance and equipped with a U-shaped roller bearing, which produces the least noise when working at high speeds. . It is worth mentioning that this axis is of Single Head type.



    The motherboard of this laser engraving and cutting machine is Ruida RDC6445S color panel that can send files via USB, LAN and wireless (WiFi). This file transfer is done through the RUIDA controller upgrade kit model RDC6445s-WIFI, which eliminates the need for a wired connection and can reduce user costs and increase flexibility.

    6445s motherboard with WiFi
    6445s motherboard with WiFi

    Co2 Laser Tube

    The laser lamp or laser tube used in this CO2 laser device from PERSI brand is the exclusive product of Iran Padra with model F1450 which has a power of 100-120 watts. This laser tube has a two-stage catalyst, water circulation in the lens and mirror and an insulated box. For more and more detailed information, you can refer to the page of this product in THIS LINK . This laser tube has a 4-month warranty , except for breakage, and it can be recharged several times without any problems.

    PERSI Co2 Laser Tube
    PERSI Co2 Laser Tube


    The chiller of this device is Co2 laser model 5000 with 800 watt cooling and compact size, long working life and water circulation in it is simple. Also the temperature accuracy is about 0.3% Celsius.

    Multiple alert functions:

    • Prevent compressor time delay
    • Prevent overflow of the compressor
    • Warning was low water flow
    • Alarm temperature too low

    Other accessories and features of the Co2 laser machine

    best Suction device
    120 watt powersupply with screen
    LEADSHINE Three-phase main stepper motor and drive
    Quality lenses and mirrors made in Singapore
    Using Plexiglas (black) 3 ml
    Help light head
    The device has a one-year warranty
    Has a separate screen to display and change the power flow
    Sturdy body without vibration

    Contact for advice or purchase with the experts of IranPadra Co.

    Consulting and buying a laser deviceInstagram

    Weight 370 kg
    Dimensions 201 × 146 × 107 cm
    Dimensions of the work table

    90 * 140 cm
    (Can be increased in size up to 148 * 90 cm)

    type of wok table

    Sword and Honeycomb


    Ruida RDC6445S with colored lcd

    Roller axis


    Step motor and drive

    LEADSHINE Three-phase

    Type and power

    120 watts with display

    Lens and mirror type

    2 inches made in Singapore

    Chiller type

    5000 S&W

    Other features

    suction device and blower
    Ability to send files via USB,Lan,WiFi
    Help light head

    Other Details

    The device has a one-year warranty
    The tube of the device has a four-month warranty
    Has a separate screen to display and change the power flow
    Sturdy body without vibration


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