PERSI laser tube model F1250

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    PERSI laser tube model F1250


    PERSI laser tube
    PERSI laser tube


    Structure of Co2 laser tube

    The tube is a very important part of laser cutting machines that meets the power of laser cutting and laser engraving. Co2 laser tubeis usually made of high quality glass, which is made of Pyrex due to its high heat tolerance.

    The innermost layer of the tube is its main part, which results in the laser beam leaving the lens of the laser device. The second layer is a cover of cold water, which is cooled by the chiller of the laser device, and the outer layer is installed as a protector from the accessories.

    In general, the thickness of the tube has no special effect on the output power of the laser and the output power is proportional to the length of the discharge tube. At a given length, the output power per meter of drain pipe increases with the total length.

    Now, for many people, the question arises, what is the reason for using a cooler (5000 chiller) ?? The reason for using cooling is only to prevent the glass tube from breaking due to excessive heat

    The drain pipe is connected to the gas pipe on both sides. The drain pipe is connected to a gas pipe with a hole on one side, the other end of which is connected to a spiral pipe. Thus, the laser gas moves between the gas tube and the discharge tube while the CO2 tube is working.


    Laser tube care

    Experienced workforce: Before working with lasers and laser tubes, be sure to have the necessary training by experienced personnel to prevent possible problems and errors.
    Suitable ambient temperature: Ambient temperature should be between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity should be 70% so that there is no problem such asbreakage, cracking.
    Chiller temperature:Chiller temperature should be between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.


    Description of PERSI laser tube model F1250

    PERSI laser tube model F1250, the exclusive product of Iran Padra, has a power in the range of 80 watts to 100 watts. The mentioned power of 100 watts is the maximum power that can be output from this important part of the laser, but it is recommended in this case due to high pressure.


    Characteristicsof PERSI laser tube

    The features of this product include the following:

    1. The latest date on the market
    2. Has an insulation box
    3. It has a two-stage catalyst
    4. lifetime 10,000 hours
    5. Has a water circulation system in the lens and mirror


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    4 ماهه

    Tube Brand



    10000 ساعت


    80 وات

    Other Details

    باکس عایق
    کاتالیزور 2 مرحله ای
    باکس عایق
    4ماه گارانتی تعویض
    بدنه مقاوم در برابر حرارت بالا


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