PERSI Laser Tube Co2 – F1650

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    PERSI Laser Tube Co2 – F1650

    تیوب لیزر persi
    PERSI Laser Tube Co2 – F1650

    In laser cutting machine, one of the most important and effective parts is the tube of laser machine. Because in case of malfunction of this part, it is no longer possible to demand good efficiency from the laser device. The only part of the laser device that can be used as a consumable part is the laser device tube. In any laser cutting machine, the presence of a laser tube is one of the most important and effective parts. This part has a useful life for it by the manufacturing plants. The useful life of this vital part of the laser machine is usually 10,000 working hours, which is usually between 7,000 and 8,000 hours due to the customers using the machine for engraving and cutting in different capacities.

    PERSI laser tube model F1650

    Persi brand laser tubes are produced by order of IranPadra Company and are under the control of this collection. One of the important features of this product compared to other brands in the Iranian market is the water circulation in the lens and mirror, which causes cooling and increases its lifespan.

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    Body material of PERSI laser tube

    The body is made of Pyrex resistant unbreakable glass, which controls and resists heat well, but increases the possibility of breaking due to sudden shocks. Therefore, these tubes are placed inside a strong and durable package.

    Laser tube structure

    Laser tube structure
    Laser tube structure

    Laser Power

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    The power of the laser in the PERSI laser tube, as the most important feature, distinguishes the models. Common models are: 80-100 watts, 100-120 watts, 130-150 watts and 150-180 watts, this F1650 model has a power of 130-150 watts.

    Co2 laser tube lifetime

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    The life of the tubes depends on factors such as keeping the lens clean, timely water change, controlling the chiller temperature, not using the minimum and maximum power, etc., and if you observe all these items, this tube will work for 10,000 hours. It should also be noted that these 10,000 hours mentioned are the life of the tube from the time of production, but after the gas runs out or the power goes down, the products of Iran Padra CO2 laser tubes have a good ability to recharge.

    Usually, this product available in the market, because it is imported by sea or land, reduces its function, which may even reduce the life of the tube for several months, but sending PERSI laser tubes in IranPadra due to air delivery from the source takes much less time.

    PERSI laser tube warranty

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    Our laser tubes can be boldly said to be flawless, and this is what the customers who have bought from us say, but IranPadra has warranted all its laser tubes for 4 months to reassure more of its customers. This warranty states that any problem other than breakage will be replaced by IranPadra Company.

    Other Details

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    Other notable explanations that can be mentioned for PERSI laser tubes are: having an insulation box and a body that is extremely resistant to high heat and its two-stage catalyst, which increases its efficiency.

    For information on efficiency, accuracy and .. PERSI tube model F1650, you can subscribe to our Instagram social network and watch the clips sent by our customers.

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