RF Co2 laser tube modelQ-300

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    intro RF Co2 laser tube modelQ-300

    These tubes have a very high quality and longer life. (Average lifespan: 45.000 – 20.000 hours)

    In most of these laser tubes, due to the type of production technology, there is no need to rotate the water and the tube is cooled using air, but this model of RF laser tube, unlike its family, uses water cooling.

    The diameter of the laser beam produced in such tubes is 8.0 ± 0.5 mm and their accuracy is more than 3 times compared to glass tubes.

    Q300 RF laser tube
    Q300 RF laser tube

    Features of Q-300 RF laser tube

    1. Compatible with laser beam modernization system
    2. All-metal structure with sealed design, no need for repair
    3. RF power supply and integrated cavity package, simple appearance and easy to pair
    4. Compact structure, dustproof and high quality, suitable for a variety of industrial environments
    5. Can use external pulse dual working mode

    Technical parameters of RF laser tube

    model Q300
    Pump type RF-Excited
    RF frequence 81.36M
    Wavelength 10.6um
    Average Power 5~300 watt
    Power stability ≤±5%
    Beam quality <1.5
    Pulse Period 10μs ( equivalent 100KHz)
    Pulse Engergy Range 5~300mJ
    Oscillation 0.8KHz ~ 50KHz
    Beam diameter (1/e²) 8.0±0.5mm
    Beam divergence <1.5±0.5mrad

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions 880x216x212mm
    Weight 30 kg
    inpout power 48VDC/90A
    Cooler water
    environment temperature 5~40 Celsius
    Humitity 0~95%

    Q300 CO2 RF Laser Tube Specifications and dimensions
    Specifications and dimensions of RF laser tube model Q-300

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    Average Power

    300 watt

    Output power range

    5 to 300 watt

    Maximum power

    650 watt

    Type of cooling


    Suitable ambient temperature

    5 to 40 Celsius


    10.6 micrometr


    30 kg


    88×21.6×21.2 centimeter


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