Laser Source JPT

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    intro Laser Source JPT LP+

    سورس لیزر فایبر jpt
    laser sourcec jpt

    Product Advantages:

    1. LP + series is a fiber laser that uses a direct electrical modulation semiconductor laser as a seed source (MOPA) solution.

    2. LP + series has perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability.

    3. Compared with Q-switched fiber lasers, the LP series lasers have more flexibility, can achieve lower and higher frequencies, and have a smaller opening delay.

    4. Compared with the M series products, the seed source uses waveform compensation, the amplified pulse distortion is corrected, and the output pulse energy is higher.

    Dimension of Laser Source jpt

    ابعاد سورس لیزر فایبر jpt
    Laser Source jpt

    Fiber laser source specifications

    Fiber laser source specifications
    Fiber laser source specifications

    Fiber laser source images

    تصاوویر سورس لیزر فایبر jpt
    Fiber laser source images

    Packing list

    item qty
    fiber laser 1
    Power Cable 1
    Dust cap for laser isolator 1
    DB25 male to female connector 1

    20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 100W



    cable lenght

    2 and 3 m

    Pulse duration

    200 Nanoseconds

    Cooling method


    Operating temperature

    0 الی 40 ℃


    245×200×65 mm 245x200x65 mm 325×260×75 mm


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